Kayo made quite the splash when it came to be offering the sports channels otherwise only acquired through Foxtel. For many who refused to pay the Foxtel base fee and sports pack, it was a blessing causing many to ditch Foxtel. It seems though that Kayo are not done yet, with a free tier likely to be offered soon.

While the big-ticket sports and events will remain behind the paywall, some items will be available to everyone. This will (according to Adnews) include news, shows, some sports including clips (presumably the Kayo Minis), repeats and a selection of live sports.

Patrick Delany, CEO of Foxtel said:

We see this as a way for consumers to experience Kayo without a credit card and a way for subscribers to continue their Kayo experience if they paused their subscription after a big event or at the end of their favourite sports season. This is a game-changer in subscription television and another opportunity to deliver advertisers even greater premium reach, and we will be providing more details in the new year.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that a free tier of a service like this will be ad-supported. It also won’t surprise anyone that free users will likely be subjected to regular offers coming up in their email or in-app. What this will do is give users a taste of what they could have, probably leading to some extra subscribers but even the free-tier will bring more income to Foxtel so everyone wins.

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Brian Bonser

Foxtel is so bad at the moment if you enjoy shows like judge Judy etc that are only half hour shows and they have 35mins of advertising in them and you pay big money every month it is getting very disappointing and could be the end of fix if it does not improve .


I refuse to pay a cent to any Murdoch-owned company, no matter what content they provide.