Have you ever heard of the 12 days of Christmas? Well, Telstra is apparently saying nice try to that and is instead celebrating 25 days of Christmas by giving away 25 million Telstra Plus points this Christmas season. Welcome to Telstra’s 25 days of Christmas.

One the first day of Christmas my carrier gave to me… One Million Telstra plus points.
One the second day of Christmas my carrier gave to me… One Million Telstra plus points.

Ok, you get the point. 1 million points a day for 25 days. What do you need to do be eligible? Be a Telstra Plus member, that’s it. How do you become a Telstra Plus Member? Be a Telstra customer and sign up for the reward program.

Telstra will conduct 4 draws for the competition as follows:

  • Thurs Dec 5 – 5 winners announced
  • Thurs Dec 12 – 7 winners announced
  • Thurs Dec 19 – 7 winners announced
  • Tues Jan 6 – Final 6 winners announced

What could you get for 1 million points? Around 3 premium phones, or 22 pairs of Galaxy Buds, or 100 Nest Minis, or 3 Surface Go 4G tablets etc. Basically, 1,000,000 points should see you well decked out for personal electronic equipment and a few accessories.

If you’re a Telstra Plus member sit tight and hope that your number gets drawn, I know I am, and if you’re a Telstra customer and haven’t signed up, perhaps NOW is the time.

Source: Telstra.
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Edward, Why do you feel that you’re entitled to this if you’re on a business account? If you weren’t, and somehow a business wins this, you wouldn’t be that happy now would you? I’m sure you’d be questioning why a business is winning something that is meant for everyday consumers.

Edward Dekkers

Not available to business customers so my wife and I with our small 2 person work from home setup get neglected by Telstra yet again. Awesome. If only we could get decent signal from another provider we’d be long gone