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Vodafone delivers early for Christmas with great deals on phones and plans

It's the right season for many of us to be grabbing a new device. Whether it's a gift for a loved one, or with the Christmas cash burning a hole in your pocket....

[Great Deal] $500 off the Samsung Galaxy S21 device series

Vodafone has today announced a flash sale on the Samsung Galaxy S21 device series. The special is valid until the 11th of October for new and existing customers, where $500 can be saved...

Samsung confirm that they will launch the Galaxy S21 on January 14

Love them or hate them there is no escaping that in Australia, Samsung is THE phone of Android. When scanning barcodes how often are you asked "is it an iPhone or a Samsung?"...

Leaked renders give us a first look at the Samsung Galaxy S21

We're not too far away from the expected release of the next range of Samsung devices and -- surprise, surprise -- the leaks are plentiful. Android Police has obtained exclusive access to the...

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