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IKEA adds QI wireless charging covers for certain Android and iOS Devices

After launching their range of Qi chargers, and Qi enabled Furniture and lamps to Australia earlier this year, IKEA have finally released the QI enabled wireless charging cases for older Galaxy S and iPhones...

Retailer Round-up: This weeks specials

Seeming as we haven't brought you a retailer round-up in quite a while, I thought it might be appropriate timing to at least try and bring this back cause there are a few specials...

Samsung responds to the Keyboard vulnerability

It's fairly safe to say that if you're interested in Android or have even half an ear on the mainstream media over the last week you'd have heard about the Samsung security vulnerability that...

Samsung’s keyboard security flaw and you

There is a lot of information floating around the internet right now about a critical security flaw in the keyboard on Samsung phones. Specifically we're talking about Samsung's IME keyboard on the Galaxy S6,...

New Samsung app lets you record your mobile gaming

Recording games on your mobile has never really been as easy to do when compared to recording games on your console or PC, that is until now, With Samsung launching an app that can...

Microsoft adds more devices to compatibility list for Hyperlapse app

Microsofts Hyperlapse app has been getting a lot of attention of late, it's probably due to a lot of Android feeling left out in the cold by Instagram when they launched their solution for...

Samsung Galaxy S4 gets a leaked look at Lollipop

Owners of the 2013 Galaxy S4 can now breathe a little sigh of relief, as they can take a look at Android 5.0 Lollipop without having to shell out for a new phone. There's...

Google Play Edition almost dead, with Galaxy S 4 Play Edition being pulled

I remember when the Google Play Edition program was announced back in mid-2013, and we all thought it was a pretty good thing. Popular, top-shelf hardware but with a plain vanilla version of Android, ripe...

Samsung basically confirms Android 5.0 Lollipop for Galaxy Note 2

Samsung has basically confirmed that Android 5.0 Lollipop will be coming to older devices in its Galaxy range, including the Galaxy Note 2, and last year's Galaxy S4. Bucking the trend shown by some...

Galaxy S4 shown off running an early build of Lollipop, with new TouchWiz UI

We know that Samsung is working on Lollipop builds for the Galaxy S5 having seen video of a working build previously, but this time around it's the Galaxy S4's turn. Samsung's previous flagship S...

Apparent Android 4.4 roadmap for Samsung Galaxy devices leaked

Samsung is getting better with their update schedule, at least for the higher end devices. A leaked build of Android L running on a Galaxy S5 was recently seen, showing that Samsung is at...

Samsung begins pushing Android 4.4 out to Galaxy S4 handsets

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is no longer the flagship phone for Samsung, but the phone still sold in massive numbers and we've been expecting Android 4.4 for the handset for a while, now Samsung...

Google Play Edition (retired) devices available from Expansys Australia

Without ever reaching Australian shores, Google recently removed a number of Google Play Edition devices from the Play Store in the US. Thankfully, some of those devices are now available to purchase directly from Expansys...

Foxtel Go app finally available for the Galaxy S5 in Google Play

Some good news for Foxtel customers who recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S5, with Foxtel updating the Google Play store to now allow installation on Samsung's latest flagship. As well as the Galaxy S5, Foxtel...

Samsung confirms 20 devices are compatible with Gear 2 series smartwatches

Samsung last week confirmed that 20 Samsung Galaxy devices are compatible with their recently-launched Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit smartwatches. Unlike last year's Galaxy Gear, which only worked with the Galaxy Note...

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