It’s fairly safe to say that if you’re interested in Android or have even half an ear on the mainstream media over the last week you’d have heard about the Samsung security vulnerability that affects around 600 Million phones.

Unsurprisingly; with an issue as highly publicised as this one Samsung have responded in a blog post which outlines some details on the upcoming fix for the flaw and changes in the way that the keyboard itself updates.

While directly acknowledging the issue, Samsung also note that the chances of being compromised are quite minimal.

There have been no reported customer cases of Galaxy devices being compromised through these keyboard updates.* But as the reports indicate, the risk does exist and Samsung will roll out a security policy update in the coming days.

To ensure you’re able to get the update which will be pushed out via Knox you need to follow only a few simple steps:

  1. Go to your device Settings
  2. Lock Screen and Security
  3. Other Security Settings
  4. Security policy updates
  5. Ensure the Automatic Updates option is activated

For some it’s perhaps disappointing that it took the vulnerability being made public to get a reaction from Samsung, but in reality as we noted in our writeup of the issue; several things must go wrong in order for you to be vulnerable, not guaranteed to be attacked.

If you’re one of the vulnerable millions, how has this changed your thoughts on mobile device security?

Source: Samsung Tomorrow.