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Telstra More Than Doubling Sydney 5G Coverage June 30th 2019

When Telstra first launched 5G services in Australia 2 weeks ago, Sydney had very little coverage and none of it covered the CBD. That all changes by June 30th 2019 when Telstra lights up...

Initial Telstra 5G Rollout Works Better Outside than Inside

Amongst all the excitement about 5G being launched in Australia an important detail has been missed. During the early first year or two of the Telstra 5G rollout, if not for longer, 5G will work...

Telstra 5G is ready to go with Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G and HTC’s 5G...

Telstra is pretty excited today, as the carrier hosted journalists at its Sydney headquarters and flagship store to demonstrate the 5G network's capabilities ahead of tomorrow's launch. For Telstra, the moment is huge - they're...

HTC and Telstra show off Australia’s first connection of a commercial device

5G is all the rage and it is difficult to wade through all the 5G press releases we get but when it is a commercial device connecting to 5G then we sit up and...

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