When Telstra first launched 5G services in Australia 2 weeks ago, Sydney had very little coverage and none of it covered the CBD. That all changes by June 30th 2019 when Telstra lights up more 5G towers across the country.

The difference will be especially obvious to early Sydney based adopters of the Samsung S10 5G, HTC 5G Hub and OPPO Reno 5G who live and work in the new Telstra 5G coverage areas of the Northern part of City of Sydney. As well as those East towards Paddington and harbour areas along the coast of Vaucluse and Rose Bay, and near Sydney Airport in Botany and Mascot.

Other major Australian cities also get more Telstra 5G coverage by the end of June but the increases aren’t as much.

Melbourne gets more Telstra 5G coverage around it’s CBD and around Tullamarine Airport.

Canberra gets it’s CBD Telstra 5G coverage infilled nicely.

Visit the Telstra 5G website to see Telstra coverage maps now and as at June 30th for other cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hobart, Launceston, Perth and Toowoomba.

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Andrew Reilly

I wonder what the blob of coverage east of Coogee (on the two maps at the top of the article) means? Antenna artifact, or clandestine Telstra employee fishing expedition?


Good to see they are getting on with it mate , on the other hand , looking at the map , there is still a lot of country to go , would it be fair to Guess probably a another couple of years left before it’s all done ?