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Google Phone app gaining direct-to-voicemail and spam filtering as part of an open beta...

You may remember that the Google Phone app got a major update back in February where it enabled convenient chat heads for quick in-call controls and over the coming weeks (after beta testing has...

Night Mode Returning To Nexus Phones

When Android 7.0 Nougat was released to the world there were a few items from Android that weren't quite ready and as such were left out. One of these was the Night Mode, which...

Rumour: Specs for Googles new Nexus / Pixel 7P Tablet leak out

This week we got our best leak yet that the rumoured Huawei-built device for Google was going to be a new 7-inch Tablet. Today we're getting our first look at some rumoured specs for...

Is Google already preparing Android 7.1 for release?

We're barely 24 hours past the launch of Android 7.0 and we're already hearing leaks/ rumours about the Android 7.1 maintenance release. If the rumours are true we could well be seeing Android 7.1...

Is this a Huawei Nexus prototype?

The much rumoured Huawei Nexus has apparently come to light, at least in prototype form according to Steve Hemmerstoffer from NoWhereElse.fr and the man behind the @onleaks account, who has shown a video of...

Rumour: LG Nexus 5 and Huawei Nexus specs ‘revealed’

It's Nexus season, so make sure you have that large grain of salt handy. GizChina is claiming to have leaked details on the rumoured LG Nexus 5 and Huawei Nexus phones. There's no details...

Rumour: Google to concentrate on Nexus phones this year, with two handsets but no...

Nexus talk is always a hot topic at this time of year; there's five months until we expect to see what Google has in store for us by way of hardware releases from the...

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