Huawei Nexus
The much rumoured Huawei Nexus has apparently come to light, at least in prototype form according to Steve Hemmerstoffer from and the man behind the @onleaks account, who has shown a video of a device on his YouTube channel.

The device pictured is a departure from the Huawei Mate M8 that was leaked the other day which is said to be the basis of the Huawei Nexus. Though similarly sized it seems, they do both also feature a centre mounted fingerprint scanner on the rear of the phone. The phone in the video, also shows a very familiar, at least to Nexus 5 owners, camera sensor, showing a slightly raised lens on the device.

Current rumours for the Huawei Nexus include a premium aluminium chasis, despite the device in the video above showing something a little more matte. The screen will apparently be slightly smaller than the rumoured 6″ screen on the Huawei Mate M8, going to a 5.7″ QHD (2560×1440) resolution AMOLED display.

That familiar looking camera lens on the rear will apparently hide a 21MP Sony IMX230 camera sensor which just about every Nexus enthusiast hopes will be the best camera yet.

Rounding of the specs are a Snapdragon 820 SoC and the latest rumour includes options for wireless charging – which we hope will be dual format Qi and WPA compatible – but nothing is certain.

We expect an announcement of the new Nexus phone(s?) in October with a release to the public in November.

Source: Steve Hemmerstoffer YouTube.
Via: Android Central.
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Darren Ferguson

To everyone complaining about the looks, this is a suspected prototype.


The bloke who posted the video has some pretty good massage tips in his YouTube channel.


why Nexus’s camera is always so ugly???? Even mate 7’s camera is beautiful than this.

I guess it should be LG one? I really hate the 2013 Nexus 5’s camera


I have to say I’m doubting it. Never heard the word “Poseidon” associated with the phone, and that case looks wrong (what is happening on that left hand edge, with a protruding set of buttons, then a white bit below it?)

About the only thing Nexus about it is the camera, which looks like it was lifted direct from an N5.


If it’s a metal unibody, I thought they couldn’t do wireless charging?

It looks like a slick design but the black kinda hides the premium look of metal (if indeed the body is made out of metal).

Camera modules looked 100% Nexus-like.

Hoping a better video pops up soon. Very hard to see much from that video.

Daniel Tyson

Qualcomm recently announced WiPower which is based on WPA and works on metal bodied phones.


Doesn’t look like aluminium. Also, the rear finger-print scanner (at least I think so), isn’t integrated into a power button as I’d hoped.