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Nvidia’s new Shield TV streaming players land in Australia today, starting at $290

Nvidia's Shield Android TV has been one of the best-regarded Android TV streaming players for a while now, so we're especially happy to see the next generation of the device, now known simply as...

Nvidia’s new Shield TV remote will work with older Shield device and can now...

Everyone who has purchased or used a Nvidia Shield TV first or second generation will know how terrible the remote for it is. Many of us have purchased cheap aftermarket remotes to use...

People are already buying the unreleased Nvidia Shield TV and TV Pro — officially...

We have seen rumours of a new Nvidia Shield TV for a while now and saw evidence of two actual devices landing soon, including some of their specs. Today Nvidia has taken to...

New Nvidia Shield TV console and a dongle both appear this morning, confirming both

The Nvidia Shield TV is touted as one of the best Android TV experiences you can get and as such users have been eagerly awaiting on an update to the console. We have...

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