We have seen rumours of a new Nvidia Shield TV for a while now and saw evidence of two actual devices landing soon, including some of their specs. Today Nvidia has taken to Twitter to announce that it will be coming next Monday but that has not stopped some stores selling it already.

It has been unclear just when Nvidia would be launching the new Shield TV products but on Twitter today they sent out a bizarre Tweet but did mention the date:

Of course being officially available next Monday has not stopped some stores in the US already stocking the devices on their shelves and selling to customers cunning enough to know exactly what it was they were getting. Users all over the Internet have posted pictures of their new products in hand, as well as pictures of the products in store inventory lookups.

The prices suspected before have been confirmed with the Shield TV Pro going for US$199 and the Shield TV (dongle) selling for US$149. The specs are as expected including a Tegra X1+ chip in the Pro with Dolby Vision HDR support while the dongle has a Tegra Z1+ chipset but just 8GB of internal storage.

Out of interest the new remote for both does work on previous generations of Shield TVs — as we suspected given it is very similar to a $15 remote many already use on their Shield TV — and Nvidia are expected to sell this separately so if you just want to try out the official remote with your old TV there may be an avenue for that.

There is no official word from Nvidia just yet on the devices and we received a no comment from Nvidia Australia but you can bet come Monday we will be dropping them a line if we don’t hear from them before then.

Source: Android Police.