Teardowns are fun. We get to see the insides of our devices and see just what makes them tick. Overnight iFixit published their teardown of the Pixel 4 XL, giving it a repairability score which I’m not sure means much these days.

According to iFixit the teardown was relatively easy with all screws requiring a single type of screwdriver along with a type of adhesive that is of the stretch-release type making it repair-friendly.

Inside the device they showed off all of the components including the Samsung-made OLED panel, rear dual cameras and the Soli sensors and the radar chip to put all the information together. They were unable to locate the Pixel Neural Core suspecting it may be layered under the RAM but were unable to access it separately.

In the end the phone received a repairability score of four out of 10 which doesn’t seem great but it’s kind of on a par if not better than most other flagship phones released in recent times. The display itself is difficult to replace so if you are clumsy or just want that extra protection some form of insurance might be required.

Source: iFixit.