Alright, yes I know it’s not quite Christmas yet, but with our major retailers now getting ready with their Christmas stock now being displayed in store, I was intrigued to learn that my local Kmart store are stocking Wi-Fi controlled and enabled Christmas tree decoration lights.

Just like their other normal everyday lights the discount store also currently sells, these lights can call be controlled through the Mirabella app and through both the Google Assistant and Alexa directly.

The lights, which come under the Mirabella brand range from $30 to $49 and include:

All these products are available through your local Kmart store or online, though it is worth noting that the cool white and colours tree lights are currently not available through the Kmart website.

If you’re in the market for some new Christmas tree and decorative festive lights, then it might be worth having a look at these lights, especially if you would like to control these via your smartphone, tablet or smart speaker directly.

Source: Kmart - Wi-Fi Christmas Lights.
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Interestingly, for the tree lights they have just been photoshopped on (the same image of the lights in both pictures, with the second being superimposed onto the tree).

The reason I checked this is that it states it is “Suit[able for] 1.83m/6ft. tree”, however the tree in the image does not look any taller than 1m.


Can multiples of these be joined together?