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What’s in my bag? Phil’s 2020 carry cache

Each year as technology evolves, as a bit of a geek what I carry changes slowly and steadily. There’s almost always at least one review device, a couple of phones, a tablet, laptop and...

Samsung expands Linux on Dex to more devices including Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10 and...

Linux on Dex is a very interesting product; it takes your existing phone or tablet (provided its compatible) and turns it into a fully functional desktop option running Ubuntu Linux. It was originally available to...

Samsung readies Linux for Samsung DeX, with the feature now in beta

Samsung's DeX (Desktop Experience) mode has become a lot more useful with a newly announced Linux feature. Users haven't really warmed to Samsung DeX in the past. Users have viewed Samsung DeX as more...

Samsung Australia officially launches the Galaxy Note 9

Following last weeks release, Samsung have officially launched several new devices to the Australian market - the flagship of this group being the Galaxy Note 9. There aren't any secrets left around the Note...

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