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LG Australia launches new Velvet upper mid range 5G phone optimised for creators

Say goodbye to the G and V series as well as Thinq in the model name as LG Australia has announced it's new top of the line smartphone model is the upper mid range...

LG Velvet officially announced with a surprising price tag and expected specs

LG have changed up their plans this year with a new naming scheme moving away from the G series and the V series to a Velvet. The Velvet is a change for LG...

Hands on pictures and a video of the soon-to-be-announced LG Velvet appear showing off...

LG had kept their new mid-range handset a secret until recently but now it seems that it is leaking like a sieve. Although some of the leaks/teasers have been from LG themselves we...

LG reveal their new LG Velvet smartphone, a week before official announcement

LG have lost their way in recent times and this year they are attempting to get their mojo back with a new design and a new naming system for their smartphones. Not only...

LG Velvet specs leak: how good is your Korean?

LG are looking to return to the top end of the smartphone market this year with the LG Velvet and all leaks and teasers so far point to it being a decent device. ...

LG Velvet set to be unveiled on May 7, two weeks from now

LG have overhauled their naming scheme and look set to bring a whole new design to market with the LG Velvet and it looks like we won't have long to wait before we see...

LG look to right their ship with the Velvet, unveiled yesterday

LG used to be a big player in the mobile market, especially here in Australia. Several missteps has resulted in declining sales and very few devices released here. Overseas in most countries...

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