LG had kept their new mid-range handset a secret until recently but now it seems that it is leaking like a sieve. Although some of the leaks/teasers have been from LG themselves we have still manage to garner quite a few details from what we have come across.

Overnight, just two days from its big reveal, the LG Velvet has been seen in stores in South Korea. First there was photos overnight but not long after someone managed to capture it on video revealing more specs.

The images below show off the phone in hand with the colours looking very mesmerising — that “twilight”/mother of pearl look is very popular these days and we can see why. The Snapdragon 765 5G chipset is accompanied by 8GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage. The display is a 6.8-inch FHD+ (1080P) AMOLED display.

The camera are a 16MP selfie camera and the rear camera module made up of a 48MP lens, an 8MP lens and a 5MP lens. Along with an IP68 rating there is also a 4,300mAh battery — a decent size for a mid-range phone, hopefully giving it an impressive battery life.

As you can see above these is also a promotional image on the display showing off the second display, similar to what they had last year on their flagship — hopefully it is once again included with any purchase.

The video, below, shows off the phone in the hand showing the teardrop notch on the front — how very 2019 of LG — along with a headphone jack on the bottom for those users living in even older times. The LG software skin looks as “colourful” as ever but it does have stylus support so is not all bad. The software has always held back LG phones in the western market, hopefully this year they start to improve it.

The LG Velvet will be revealed in two days time on the 7th of May online — you can be sure we will cover it but whether it makes it Downunder is unknown of course. We expect it to make it here though given that apparently there won’t be a true premium flagship from LG this year.

The mid-range is where a lot of the competition is at at the moment and given how many consumers live in that space the competition will continue to drive better and more features for less money. It’s a huge win for consumers.