For those of us with OPPO smartphones you will know the pain of being promised updates but not receiving them. We have seen ColorOS 7 (Android 10) promises before and while we remain still at least a bit sceptical it seems that the update is on its way for a few Australian-launched phones, with Australia mentioned specifically.

Over on the ColorOS Twitter page a graphic has been shared showing which phones will receive the new version of not just Android but also the new version of ColorOS 7.

As you can see below the graphic lists quite a few phones with Australia (and New Zealand) getting a mention quite a few times. The updates promised are as follows:

  • Ongoing: Reno 10x Zoom, Find X, R17, R17 Pro — Australia and NZ
  • June: Reno 5G — Australia
  • June: Reno Z — Australia and New Zealand
  • July: A5 2020, A9 2020, Reno2 Z, R15, R15 Pro — Australia and New Zealand
  • August: A91 — Australia and New Zealand

The graphic also mentioned that users should head to Settings –> Software Updates to check for the update and download it when it is available. We assume the user should get a notification to update at some stage.

It looks like OPPO will have a busy couple of months with their software updates. They have never been very good at software updates, something they have acknowledged but they have pledged to be better in the future. Hopefully this updating that we will see in the next few months will also become faster in the coming years and they can be one of the manufacturers that are quick to update devices.

Hit us up when you see any of these updates land on your devices — you can be sure we will be watching out for them on ours.

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Clearly, you don’t read your own post before posting. Reno 10x for Aus is getting the Android 10 update in June, not now/ongoing!