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Moto 360 receives update to Android 5.0.2 (before most phones do)

In news that's sure to be well received by Moto 360 owners, and looked upon with jealousy by others, Motorola have announced the release of Android 5.0.2 for the Moto 360. Released with the...

Asus Zenwatch — Review

Android wear is still somewhat in its infancy, but with Google quickly iterating on the platform, OEM's such as Asus are jumping on board quite swiftly to offer their own unique design for the...

What’s next for the Zenwatch? Jonney Shih talks battery life, simplified OS and chips.

Asus is talking about a successor to the ZenWatch even before the original even hits our shores. FocusTaiwan reports that chairman Jonney Shih opening up about Asus' plans for the Zenwatch line going forward...

Asus Zenwatch now in stock through Expansys

While Asus Australia drags their feet on the launch of the Asus Zenwatch here in Australia, Expansys has today announced that they now have the Asus Zenwatch in stock and ready to ship. Priced at...

Expansys taking pre-order for the Asus ZenWatch for $294.99ex + delivery

With all the fanfare of the LG G Watch R launching at retail and on Google Play today, and the added frustration of trying to obtain a Moto 360, you'd be forgiven for forgetting...

Asus launches three ZenWatch companion apps on Google Play

Google is controlling what Android Wear looks like and how it operates, pushing OEMs towards extending functionality for their watches through apps. Asus has taken this to heart and has released three apps over...

Android Wear Specs comparison

Android Wear is a new device category, there's three watches now on the market, with another three about to hit. There's common hardware to each of the Android Wear watches on the market, but...

Ausdroid Podcast 121 – The IFArola Z360+1 Compact Edge

Welcome to episode 121 of the Ausdroid podcast! After a spell away, we're back with a bumper episode covering the big Android announcements last week, both from IFA 2014 and Motorola. With Jason Murray, Dan Tyson...

Asus announces the ZenWatch at IFA

Asus just made their much-rumoured ZenWatch, powered by Android Wear, official at IFA 2014. Mitch Yang, Vice President of Asus’ Design Centre, took to the stage during the company’s presentation sporting the watch on...

Asus outs the ZenWatch in a new teaser

The race is on to gain mind-share for the next Android Wear watch release. In a market where Google is apparently going to be controlling the software side of things, OEMs are rushing to...

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