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In news that’s sure to be well received by Moto 360 owners, and looked upon with jealousy by others, Motorola have announced the release of Android 5.0.2 for the Moto 360. Released with the build number LWX49L, the update appears to be little more than bug fixes and behind the scenes improvements — there’s not much new to see here.

Here’s the official changelog from Motorola:

Google Play – Updated Google Play services
Bug Fixes – A variety of system optimizations and security updates to improve performance and stability

Given Android is mostly identical across all Android Wear devices, we should expect to see the same update arriving on other Wear devices including the LG G Watch, G Watch R, Samsung Gear Live, ASUS ZenWatch, Sony Smartwatch 3 and more. How soon that’ll happen, though, is anyone’s guess.

Now seeing reports of the update hitting the Asus ZenWatch and LG G Watch R.

Source: Motorola.
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I got the update on my Moto 360 on 2/22/15 here in Canada. I can report that battery life seems to have improved quite a bit with the update to 5.0.2


Just got my update (LG G Watch)


I just checked my moto360 for the new firmware but it didn’t find it 🙁


I have been thinking about getting one. Can someone tell me how the battery life is?


With ambient mode off, about a day and a half.
With ambient mode on, about a day.


Same for me.

The lack of a release of 5.02 for nexus with all the problems we are seeing has now put me off Android I am afraid.

TheBagging Man

My LG G Watch R also received 5.0.2 today!
Haven’t noticed any changes tho!


Just read this Article and looked at my LG G watch and found it had 5.02 ready to install as well.