Arlo is a very big name in the DIY home security arena and at CES they’ve gone further into the market. The announcement brings the Arlo Security system to market. Senior VP of Product at Arlo, Tim Johnston said

The system’s standout all-in-one multi-sensor simplifies life for consumers with its versatility, ensuring they can enlist one intelligent sensor to tackle a variety of use cases. Additionally, the system seamlessly works with existing Arlo security camera devices in a user’s household to layer on important information for complete, whole-home peace of mind – a benefit not available with competitive offerings.

The system is all-in-one that integrates perfectly with existing Arlo cameras and the app. It brings an array of sensors, a security hub and a keypad for full control. The impressive sensor array is simply installed, requiring no hardwiring and has the capacity to:

  • Detect motion
  • Recognise opened windows and doors
  • Provide alerts to water leaks
  • Smoke and Carbon monoxide detection
  • Light and Temperature changes

For users looking to ensure a future-proof setup, Arlo has confirmed the engagement with the Matter alliance. This will ensure full interoperability with the maximum amount of third party hardware. This includes the hub which is NFC enabled, ready for a tap of your phone to enable or disable features as programmed.

It’s an interesting proposition and, we understand the system will be making its way to Australian shores. When it does, we’ll be on top of the pricing and availability info.