Finally, even users who have an older Android Auto head unit will be able to connect wirelessly. While it’s not a huge drama to plug your phone in, it can be a bit of a hassle for really short trips. Coupled with the danger of — yeah, I’ve done it — leaving your phone in the car.

At CES Motorola has launched the MA1, a wireless adaptor to connect your phone to your stereo automatically via a private Wi-Fi connection. This essentially replaces the USB cable that you would otherwise connect to your device and can be discretely stored in your vehicle. There is little more to it than that, unfortunately, we’re not certain if it will make its way to Australia. The US pricing for the Motorola MA1 is $89.95 and will be available for purchase on the 28th of January. Once we know more about Australian availability we’ll update this post.

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Paul Smedley

I’ll stick with my AAWireless thanks

Greg Lamb