The normal release cycle for Samsung’s flagship devices is fast approaching and we’re seeing the usual leaks. Interestingly, the S22 appears to be even smaller than the S21 and the S22 Ultra is pretty much a Galaxy Note. The information comes from an Unbox Therapy YouTube video, showing what appears to be dummy units of the devices.

The video gives us a real sense of the physical size of the devices and, through good description the feeling in hand. The compact size of the S22 will be of great interest to a lot of buyers. With phones getting larger consistently, many users (particularly women) struggle to fit them in pockets or purses. Without compromising on performance or features, a more compact device is a very welcome prospect.

Check out the video and let us know in the comments which of the devices piqued your interest and why?

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Phil, getting a ‘This video is unavailable’ error from YouTube.
The error is showing in Android and Windows.