HTC One X and One XL users prepare yourselves: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is not far away.

While we don’t have precise roll-out dates yet, a new report reveals that we should start seeing updates for the One X to Jelly Bean from October. As we all know — and don’t necessarily like — software updates are subject to carrier testing, so it might be a couple of months until carrier-branded units receive the Jelly Bean update.

Those with generic devices probably won’t have to wait as long — HTC will likely begin rolling out Jelly Bean in October, subject to the necessary approvals being given (albeit, fewer of them for generics).

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I’ve got the 4.0.4 update, I bought my handset unlocked and using Telstra as my carrier.

I think it was more closer to late November / December for Telstra to release the update for its users.


3rd of October according to Telstra


Actually that is for 4.0.4.. which will be a welcome update in itself. 4.1 TBC 🙁


hope it improves multitasking.


4.0.4 : . I got sick of waiting, currently running JellyBean 4.1.1 on my Rooted HTC 1x. Will revert back when optus deploys JB and see if I like..


Still waiting for HTC to release 4.0.4 on optus branded hox devices 🙁


“so it might be a couple of months until carrier-branded units receive the Jelly Bean update.” – Winner, most optimistic quote of the decade.

Chris (Deputy Editor)

We try 😉


How about the One S?

Greg McPherson

From other places I’ve read, it’s coming, just not yet.


Sounds good but pretty sure I will wait for the rumoured One X+ instead. Bring it on HTC

Chris Spencer.

Bring it on! Hopefully Vodafone onto it asap