So, the LG E960 has been generally accepted as the LG Nexus which has been based of the LG Optimus G (E973), what we are seeing now is the refining of details regarding the specifications of the device. The E960 has already passed through the FCC in the US showing bands for T-Mobile and AT&T which marry up nicely with the 3G bands of all 3 of our major carriers here in Australia.

What I just found was the entry in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group database for the LG-E960 and from the entry it appears there are a few interesting tidbits. To start with it looks to only have Bluetooth 3.0 on-board as opposed to the Bluetooth 4.0 of the E973. Next, from the Qualified Design Listing Details it lists the phone as LG 3G Mobile Phone whereas the LG Optimus G(E973) Qualified Design Listing Details lists it as an LTE/3G Mobile phone details with the LG-E973 being aimed specifically at Canada.

Make of it what you will but I was actually really hoping for Bluetooth 4.0 in my next phone and if the LG E960 is indeed the next Nexus and the only Nexus then I may have to look at other phones that may come on the market. Is Bluetooth version something that you consider when purchasing a new phone?

Source: Bluetooth SIG.
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David Anderton

Not a deal breaker but a disappointment. It is my understanding that BT4 uses a lot less power than BT3. However more important to me is an SD card and removable battery.


I don’t think Bluetooth 3.0 is a big problem; the only difference between that and 4.0 is no ability for a low-power option. Since toggle switch widgets are one of the great things about Android it’s barely a problem.

Greg Lamb

It is something I look for but does BT4.0 really provide any real world advantages yet?