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My poor old Nexus S has had more ROMs installed on it than leaks about an LG Nexus have appeared, but news reached us that OTA updates were pushing from the first release of Jellybean to 4.1.2 so I decided to flash back to the original, vanilla Jellybean from the Google Dev page to see how long it would take. The answer: Less than 24 hours!

In true Google styles, the update was flawless: A notification told me it was ready so I hit install now and watched.

Since I’ve already used 4.1.2 on this and other devices, I can state happily that there are some notable performance tweaks for all phones but particularly noticeable on single or dual core phones. There’s a few other tweaks that you’ll notice after a day or so which improve the user feel for the device. For those of you lucky enough to already have it, or about to receive it – Enjoy your upgrade.

We can confirm that Vodafone have approved the Nexus S update, but unfortunately Galaxy Nexus owners will need to wait a while longer!

Thanks: JamesMichael.
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Haha, typical. After days of waiting for the ota, i gave in to flashing the image a day or two ago. :


Phil, did you flash the JRO03E or JRO03L images when you went back to stock 4.1.1? Both images were on that google dev page until earlier this week.

JRO03L was the build released to Australian handsets (or handsets with an Aus SIM inserted) as it fixed an issue where the other build didnt display ‘Emergency Calls Only’ when no SIM is present in the device which is required under Aussie regulations.

I’m still waiting for my OTA from JRO03L


I still haven’t got my 4.1.2 update πŸ™ and I’m using a yakju Galaxy nexus

Frank Benign

My yakju got updated this morning.


Mine updated yesterday morning. πŸ˜€


just got it then! πŸ˜€


Phil, can you confirm what you flashed back to? Remember Vodaphone pulled/delayed the Nexus S update? Australian phones have a different build JRO03L which requires a specific OTA from Vodaphone. The google image used by worldwide handsets is JRO03E. That OTA has been in the wild for some time so you may have got really quickly that depending on what the previous version was that you flashed.

It may not be representative of the experience of those who have follows stock + OTA with Australian phones.

Some details here:


He said he flashed back to an image from the Google Dev page so clearly he didn’t flash a Vodafone-specific image (JRO03L) because it’s not there. Nor did he say that the update was currently rolling out to Vodafone’s Nexus S phones, just that Vodafone had approved it. He just got the OTA for JRO03E phones which has been rolling out since the weekend. It’s not breaking news – he was just curious to see how long the OTA would take.

Phil Tann

Not Vodafone Specific!
I have flashed from https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images#sojuimm76d before they brought down the 4.1.1 image.

Yes: Vodafone’s image was delayed, but I can confirm they have approved the Nexus S image and the OTA rollout has started.

For those of you who want to “voice your opinion” on the delays for Galaxy Nexus images through carriers: A good place to start is here http://www.facebook.com/SamsungAustralia


My God I love having a unlocked Nexus device. I hated what I call “repetitive check-for-update stress disorder”. Now as soon as I see there’s been an update, press once and done.


Seriously man! Why are Telstra taking soo long?!?!?!


Because they want you to upgrade to a SGSIII 4G or HTC One XL.