Despite the fact that the back is supposed to be sealed in, someone with access to an LG Nexus 4(E960) has apparently prised that sparkly back off of the unit and shown us a 2100mAh battery hiding beneath. Also seen in the picture are the expected things such as antenna contacts, PCBs and of course the camera sensor but what also looks to be a few contacts for what could be NFC, which has been a major feature so far in the past two Nexus phones and considering the Google Wallet application should continue on this model.

One of the major complaints regarding the Galaxy Nexus apart from the camera and the pentile screen is regarding the battery life which I haven’t personally found too bad and considering the Galaxy S III has a 2100mAh battery and people have found the battery life on that phone to be pretty decent could our perceptions regarding the battery life in the Nexus lineup be changed for the better? It won’t be too long before we find out exactly what’s happening, October 29th is coming up fast. So, is 2100mAh a better option battery wise?

Source: AndroidCentral.
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Yes.i would still like replaceable though. I have found it absolutely necessary while on holidays atm. The kids are always asking for tethering to be on for their tablets and being our beside the pool etc so much doesnt leave my time for charging.very easy to just replace the battery. I think its a massive mistake for companies to be heading down this path..

Daniel Murphy

tell the children to go swimming and stop surfing the web while on holidays!