F5 and F7
Overnight EVLeaks tweeted this pic of the LG Optimus F7 (left) and Optimus F5 (right). No further information was added so anything at the moment is pure speculation but remember the LG MWC teaser video which reeled off phrases with each phrase highlighting a letter? Well it looks like each of those letters could be the start of a new phone series.

We already know of the LG L Series and it’s sequel the L Series II which LG has already announced will be shown off in more detail at Mobile World Congress, but from the release of these photos and the names, it’s entirely possible we could see a V and G series released by LG as well as the F and L Series phones. Of course it’s entirely possible that LG could diversify their phone business and make one or even two of those series a Windows Phone, who knows?

We’ll have to wait till MWC to find out, the LG event is scheduled for the first day of MWC so we will all find out a lot more about their plans then.

What do you think of the look of these F Series phones?