With the HTC One hitting the streets today, Kieran Mcilwain from Vodafone has kindly provided an unboxing video which shows off the phone in all its glory. The unboxing shows off the phone as well as the accessories included, Spoiler Alert it has comes with a USB Cable, Charger, headset, SIM eject tool and warranty card. Kieran also takes us through a quick look at the setup and the first screens on the phone including a brief view of Blinkfeed.

It appears that some lucky Vodafone customers began receiving their HTC One pre-orders yesterday, judging from the tweets sent out late yesterday afternoon from the @VodafoneAU twitter account:

The HTC One is now available in wide-spread distribution as of today, so we’ll begin seeing some more widespread impressions of the phone and its new camera technology, including our own review which should be up soon. Check out the unboxing video below and see what you think of the HTC One.

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Steven Lehmann

I got mine today with Optus. Enjoying it a lot. This is comming from the Desire HD.

Sujay Vilash

Have mine on order with MobiCity. Unfortunately, it has been delayed again but only for a week (with a bit of luck, hopefully for not much more than that). The more I see this phone the more I want it yesterday. Can’t wait.