Oppo has just announced the special Cyanogen Mod edition of the Oppo N1, is now on-sale. This is the first phone running Cyanogen Mod out of the box which is CTS-certified meaning it comes with Google Apps pre-installed. At the same time, Cyanogen Mod Inc has advised that the source and Factory images are also now available.

Cyanogen Mod has made not only the source for CM 10.2(Android 4.3) and factory images for the CM edition of the Oppo N1 available but also the source for CM11(Android 4.4). The 10.2 source is split across two repositories, one for Kernel and the other specifically for the N1 phone. Cyanogen Mod has also advised that the source for CM11 will need the files available in the Common Device Oppo apq8064 repository(currently empty but give them time).

For people in Australia, the official resellers of the Cyanogen Mod edition Oppo N1 are OppoStyle as well as Mobicity, both of whom have the phone listed as in-stock. Head over and check them out, let us know if you’ve purchased one.

Source: CYynogenMod.
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    Nice device…. but no 4G? Disappointing.


    i agree- i love the idea but needs 4G at that price IMO. I hope the phone is a raging success. Could open up a heap of doors for so many other custom roms etc…