The phone that started Samsung’s metal frame evolution is now going for a song at Harvey Norman, with the retailer now listing the phone for just $432 with black and white models available.

Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha was only moderately well-received by reviewers, but at around half of its original launch price, prospective purchasers may be more willing to forgive its flaws. I’ve seen a few people using the Galaxy Alpha as their daily driver, and they’re generally pretty happy with it.

It appears that this isn’t a limited sale price from Harvey Norman, but rather the new price for the phone. Whether this indicates a clearance of the device, and what it might mean for the A-series in Australia is unknown.

Reasonable phone, great price. If you want it, you know what to do.

Will you be looking to buy a Galaxy Alpha at this reduced price? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Harvey Norman.
Via: OzBargain.
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Greg Eden

Like a lot of retailers Harvey Norman do not disclose what LTE bands are supported by there version of the phone they are selling. Just saying 4G is useless information. Does it support APT 700? How about the new Vodafone 850? What about Optus TD2300? Anyone buying a new phone without at least APT 700 is a mug. Just working on the standard 1800 band is no longer enough.

Daniel Tyson

Harvey Norman only sell Australian stock sourced from Samsung Australia. From the Samsung website the 4G Bands supported :

B1(2100), B2(1900), B3(1800), B5(850), B7(2600), B8(900), B28(700)

– So yes it will work on the new 700MHz networks from Telstra and Optus, the re-farmed 850MHz LTE network on Vodafone, but no it won’t work on the 4G Plus 2300MHz network from Optus (which is only really an issue in Canberra at the moment).

Greg Eden

Thanks. My point was that that is precisely the information that they should provide for every phone they sell. As a buyer noone should have to go to the manufacturers site to get that kind of info, and then hope that the model they are buying actually matches that info. You can, at least for HN, go into the shop and look at the box before purchase. It is doubly worse for companies that sell imported phones to a gullible public. More than ever it is “Let the buyer beware.”

Daniel Tyson

I know what you’re saying, but I always check a manufacturers website before purchasing, especially with a high ticket price. It is a part of the fun of buying new tech, knowing every detail. For the average joe who wants a phone, the 1800MHz network which the majority of phones support that IS enough to go on in the majority of Australia. For everyone else who do actually care about 4G bands, they’ll check the manufacturers website. A better point is that Harvey Norman SHOULD go out of their way to make it easier to display this information. Have you… Read more »

Greg Eden

I do not want to pick on HN just a general point about thousands of ads and eBay entries. Look on Yatango or Kogan and see how many phones they sell that support APT 700 – not many. But both Yatango and Kogan are up front with a list of frequencies so that the savvy buyer can make an informed decision. I have just purchased an LG G3 from Kogan that supports both 700 and Optus 2300. The LG G3 and the Beat were the only phones that Kogan sell that I would consider worth buying. Now more than ever… Read more »

Palo Verde

hmm I paid 499 at Harvey Norman 2 weeks back wonder if they would refund the difference.


This phone was way overpriced from start. Would’ve been more successful if it started at this price point


Nice Samsung device but has very poor battery life