HTC One Mini Silver

HTC One Mini Silver
After announcing that the HTC One Mini 2 would not be updated to Lollipop, HTC has followed up with the completely expected news that the nearly two-year old original HTC One Mini would also not receive an update to the latest version of Android.

Again answering a user query on Twitter, HTC replied with the bad news :

It’s a bit disappointing, but understandable. OEMs are after the best performance from their phones and if even a small amount of additional lag is found when updating then they are liable to scrap the update. Of course the cynical side also says that the additional development costs associated with testing and developing for a phone which isn’t quite at ‘Flagship level’ aren’t actually worth it.

If you’re an owner of an original HTC One Mini, it’s time to accept your software as is, or check out the custom ROM scene which has options for you.

Do you own a HTC One Mini? If so, what are your thoughts?

Source: @HTC.
Via: Android Police.
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vijay alapati

I think HTC and others should start skinning down mini and low level handsets so that updates will be quicker and easy. Look at Moto’s


Yeah, look at the Moto G 4G. Stock Android and it’s still on KitKat. Good thing I stuck CM 12.1 on it last week.

vijay alapati

Agreed, But that doesn’t mean moto has given up and said sorry, Even some nexus devices took time to get updated. something is better than nothing 🙂

vijay alapati

I still remember reading articles that moto will refund some money if they fail to provide update.


I guess the “mini” versions of HTC handsets are different to Sony’s “compact” handsets. They’re not just smaller, but less powerful and less supported. In fairness, Samsung has released Lollipop for the S4 and S5, but you don’t see the update for its “mini” handsets. 🙂

Giannis Thalassinos

Sony was smart to call their smaller variants “compact” rather than “mini” as other companies have just made that mean “inferior in every way possible.” While hoping that the flagship name will help them sell. It’s actually quite insulting.