LG G4 - Ifixit Teardown
LG’s 2015 flagship has already been torn apart by MyDrivers, but there’s a large contingent of people out there who just can’t get enough of either the G4, or exposed circuit boards, so the usual suspect iFixit has broken the phone down to its core components and given it their version of a teardown.

Just as was found by MyDrivers, the G4 is a joy to work on, scoring an 8 out of 10 for repairability, mostly due to the removable back and battery, which of course means there’s no pesky back to get off. The phone has modular components that are easy to replace independently and standard Phillips screws means you probably won’t need new tools.

The down-side is as usual the screen, which features a fused LCD/Glass assembly which means you’ll need to replace the glass and LCD as a whole. This is due to LG’s amazing ZeroGap technology which looks fantastic, but does have this drawback.

The one surprise – which if you know anything about the G4 wasn’t a surprise – is that the phone doesn’t have Qi wireless charging built-in, instead that coil is actually for NFC. It apparently took an X-Ray to confirm this, but then I guess they’re being thorough – we however just read the press release which said you’ll need a special back.

Overall, if you need to replace something internally in the G4, you should have a pretty easy time of it, but then again, we hope you’ll never actually need to do it. Head over to iFixit for more pictures and full rundown of the teardown.

Source: iFIxit.