The Project Ara Twitter account roared to life today with not one but two tweets, the first movement on the account since May 30 this year. What juicy tidbits did the team post?

The first tweet seems to be calling out to followers to announce they’re back on the air.

The second tweet hints that the time off-air was due to them “making stuff”:

There isn’t much see at the moment, except to say that for some reason their Twitter account went dormant for a few months and now for other reasons it’s back — at least, for today. It’s a little to early to be calling this the beginning of the Project Ara team finally sharing the fruits of their very long labors, but reestablishing communication with your consumer base can’t be a bad sign for the eventual launch.

What do you think? Is the Project Ara team gearing up the PR machine for the long-awaited launch?

Source: Project Ara.
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Phill Edwards

To be fair, he did include links in his article so you were only one click away from reading what Project Ara is.


A bit of background on Project Ara would’ve been nice to introduce this article. What is Project Ara? Yes I’m lazy and could just Google it but I’d prefer to see the standard of Ausdroid improve 🙂

Also there is a typo in the heading.

View From The Top

A bit more info on the typo would’ve been nice. Where is it exactly? Yes, I’m lazy and could just check it but I’d like to be spoon-fed.


I knew this would attract a childish response. I didn’t mean for my comment to come across as insulting, I’m just trying to help improve the quality of journalism.


Haha, good one 🙂