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When it launched in 2010, the Samsung Galaxy S was a big hit for Samsung and converted a number of users to Android. It changed a lot in the industry and if you were offered one for $399 at the time, it would be a bargain, 5 years later not so much. So, when someone posted a link to the phone on the Harvey Norman website on /r/Android the other day we thought we’d check it out.

The phone is indeed advertised for sale on the Harvey Norman website – but won’t be for much longer. We asked their online sales chat about whether there was any stock and they advised that they actually have no stock.

Based on no stock the customer service agent has advised they have flagged it for removal, which should be very soon.If you want to have a look at this relic, you’d better be quick.

If you see any other dated entries for phones on other websites, let us know!

Source: Harvey Norman.
Thanks: +Jamie.
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This is why Gerry can’t have nice things, lol.


I still use one of these as a media player in my car. It’s running 5.1.1 too

Gray Fox

I had a SII a while back and I paid $600 or so.
I would assume that this is a website error, no way would any HN store have an original Galaxy S that is new and it is too expensive to be a refurbished unit


You did read the article you are commenting on right? The customer service rep said there is none left and has flagged the page for removal….

Gray Fox

Yeah I did, but this was most likely a site error


Wow, I never thought something I posted Reddit would get on AusDroid.

Daniel Tyson

Send it in, never know your luck 😉


99.99% of articles here are sourced from reddit/r/android

Daniel Tyson

Nope. Great to see you using a legit account while throwing shade.