Nexus 5 2015
Google’s LG built Nexus 5 2015 could see the light of day earlier than the usual October announcement/November release schedule according to a source in Korea.

The site, has received information about an early release from a trusted source who they say has a history of predicting the launch times of previous LG Nexus phones, with a correct prediction for the LG built Nexus 5 in 2014. Their anonymous source has advised that the phone will be announced on September 29th with the phone then being made availabile through Google Play.

The site has referenced recently rumoured specs for the phone which include a Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB of LPDDR3 RAM, 5.2″ 2K (2560×1440) resolution display, Fingerprint sensor, USB-C connector and a 13MP camera with OIS, laser Auto-Focus and of course Android Marshmallow running the show.

Google hasn’t always released new Nexus phones in October, but this would be an earlier schedule than we’ve seen in recent years. Of course we only have one source at the moment, so it remains to be seen if any further corroborating evidence can be found. The current ‘in the wild’ pictures of both the LG built Nexus 5 2015 and the Huawei built Nexus 6 2015 look to be almost ready for launch so maybe there is some credibility to this latest rumour.

Is late September too early? Too late?

Via: GForGames.
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    Matthew Gardner

    “with a correct prediction for the LG built Nexus 5 in 2014. ”

    You mean 2013 right? Because I got my Nexus 5 in late 2013.


    I don’t care when they release it, how much RAM it has, how much storage it includes, how fast the processor is, how good the camera is, or how amazing the screen quality is…

    I just hope they offer it for a good price…


    I’m happy to pay a little more if it has a GREAT BATTERY…. sick of flat phones!


    I do agree with you on that, a 4,000 mAh battery would be amazing. I honestly wouldn’t mind the extra thickness that comes with the larger battery size. Thin phones are overrated.


    Surely they have to be seen at the FCC before they can be launched?

    Still a month for them to make an appearance, so I wouldn’t be getting worked up yet.

    And there is the small issue of price as well …..


    Bring it on!


    Can’t wait for the day.


    I’ve been thinking it would launch earlier this year. Every year they launch slightly earlier, it’s not exactly 12 months in between and so the date is coming forward in the year. There also seem to be way too many leaks for us to wait another 2 months. It also seems unlikely that M would need that much time to be finished off for a simultaneous release.

    Jeremy Cockle

    Given the number of leaks we have been seeing recently, this is what I have been thinking. It must be closer than expected. I hope so, want that N5!


    If this comes out close to when the Moto X Style is released (as I heard a rumor that’s it’s been delayed). I might get this over it, if the price is reasonable.

    Marné Prinsloo

    Still like the Moto, but i guess we know more about the Moto at the moment. Would like to see if the fingerprint thing is actually useful and fast… Yes I’m looking at you Oneplus 2.