Nexus 5X vs 6P

Nexus day for 2015 has come and gone, and as is the way with big events we have all been left with a mix of emotions, adulation, excitement, apathy, disappointment, outright rage? Whatever your reaction the majority of us would have that one thing – or more – that we wished Google had done differently in this year’s Nexus line up.

That’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to “Build your Own Nexus” and tell Google what they got wrong. We have designed an Ausdroid Nexus survey that will allow you to select which features, specs, sizes and capacities are important to you. Once we’ve collected enough responses we will decipher the group voice and present to you the 2015 Ausdroid readers ultimate Nexus phone.

So take the survey, configure your ultimate Nexus and lets see what we get!

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    Peter Verwey

    You need questions for rugged, and waterproof as well. And YES to both please. No case needed, no exposed ports at all. Bluetooth audio, not plugged. Wireless charging, not USB. Seal it up completely.

    David Griffiths

    I’m surprised you left out audio jack position. For me, it should always be on the bottom of the phone.


    It seems to me that there are two types of Nexus fans… Those who long for the days of Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 specs and pricing (I’m in that crowd), and those with bottomless pockets (literally, seeing as they want a tablet in their pocket) who feel that $650+ is an acceptable price for a smartphone. The N6 was a moderate sales failure, which I believe was more to do with its pricing than its size… The Australian price of the N5X shows that Google really haven’t learnt anything. I honestly hope that Google/LG experience below average sales on… Read more »


    Where’s my IR Blaster Option?


    The aperture question needs a ‘don’t care’ option


    So much yes! Thank you for starting this poll. I thought it was really well put together. All the bars were covered except a few of the questions had “I don’t know” which I used as “I don’t care”.

    I think you should include water and dust resistance and the associated question about port flaps.

    Also if you could include a way for us to weight each factor as mandatory/deal breaker, plus or don’t care.

    Gray Fox

    4.5″ full hd screen
    3gb ram
    16, 32, 64gb storage
    MicroSD card slot
    Form factor 3 or 4 sim
    2500 mah battery


    – 5.5″ 4k screen (4k resolution 100% of the time)
    – Snapdragon 820
    – 6gb ram
    – 128gb storage
    – 20mp camera 1.6f, 2.0 micron sensor with OIS
    – Quad front facing speakers
    – 5,500mah battery
    – Full metal unibody design 6mm thick with no camera bump
    – Sapphire screen
    – Fast charge (0-100% in <1 hour)
    – Fast wireless charge (0-100% in <1.5 hrs)
    – Stock Android 6.0 with immediate updates
    – NFC
    – USB 3 with 3.0
    – Priced at $400 AUD outright

    I think that's pretty reasonable for a phone these days.

    Stephen Crisafulli

    They could charge the 2k it would cost, people would buy it but non would dare make it. Why?

    James Adina

    I reckon it would be possible to make this phone but for 400 AUD they would make no profit ;p

    Luke Harrison

    I want the nexus 6P specs with a nexus 5 back. Preferably no camera bump either. And maybe a tad smaller screen size… I currently have OP2 and I find it the right blend of cost cutting and “premiumness”

    Yianni soc

    Awesome idea for the poll, thanks for throwing it out there.
    Nexus 5X would have been perfect – if it had wireless charging.
    Not wireless charging is a deal breaker for me nowadays.

    Benjamin Dobell

    I bought a wireless charger for my Nexus 5 about 12 months ago but charging was far too slow, and I didn’t see much difference between finding the charging pad and plugging in a USB… well, unless I had to flip the USB 3 times! Obviously very subjective, but I feel like the type-C connector will mitigate most the frustration (flipping the connector) when plugging in to charge – plus it’s much faster than a wireless charger… would have made much more sense if the new Nexii supported QuickCharge 2.0 though.

    Yianni soc

    I’m either at my desk, in my car or around home – so wireless charging just drop down approach works wonders for me. I only use a quick charger when i’m low on juice before heading out and about.

    But i get your point. and yes, USB type C is a must… or reversible micro USB cables.. so no more flip flopping 😛


    Also, headphone jack option. For me, having it on the bottom is mandatory.

    I voted for some great specs which in a phone, would be ball-numbingly expensive. Google made the right compromises this time with the 5X and 6P. It’s a shame our dollar ruined it.


    Great idea for a poll! Awesome. Looking forward to the results.


    Yes! Really interested to know what screen size suits most people!


    Only reason I won’t be buying the 5X is that it doesn’t have a microSD card slot and that makes me very sad 🙁

    Benjamin Dobell

    I feel like saying we need MicroSD is deceiving. We need *storage space* not strictly a MicroSD card, although that would fit the bill. I don’t see Google ever putting in a MicroSD card though. They should have had the Nexus 5X offering 32GB/64GB. It’s for this reason I’m going to get an Xperia Z5 instead (well, that and the waterproof rating and bad-arse camera).


    The fact that SD card support is now baked into stock Android could be a sign of a change in the future. Next year’s Nexus – maybe, just maybe, it’ll have an SD card slot.


    I agree that is one reason why I was not interested in waiting for either of the Nexus models and bought an Moto X Play instead. While having a over 32gb is likely to be more than most need I still think it is better to have to option to upgrade or change it when you want to. Also I still feel mobile data is still not as cheap as it need to be for me to be happy to fully cloud everything so local storage is a must still for me.


    When are people going to stop expecting this? Nexus devices have never had SD cards so why are people disappointed when they are released without them?

    Daniel Tyson

    Close – the Nexus One had one. But you’re right, since then, nothing and Google really hasn’t done much to encourage microSD card usage on Nexus. There’s expanded support in Android Marshmallow, but that (IMHO) is mainly due to the inclusion of microSD Cards in Android One handsets.


    Oops! Forgot about the One!
    I understand the need for more internal storage but have never understood the fixation with MicroSDs.


    Over the past year or so, I have moved from one device to another, each with varying capacity. I use cloud storage for backups, yes, but this instant access to resources that I need regularly has been very convenient.

    Daniel Vancer

    Nexus line has traditionally appealed to the cheaper customers (hence the complaints about the 6) and some people loathe to pay more for internal storage when an sd card is cheaper. Personally a phone with flagship type specs in a premium finish I am happy to pay ~$700, but the specs must include 64gb storage

    James Adina

    Two years ago… perhaps even 1 year ago I would have agreed with you. It looked like storage options and base models were getting bigger BUT fast-forward to now and their still about the same, 4K video is on every flagship, companies are introducing storage hogging features like live photos and the system UI takes up more space then ever. Google recognized this and with marshmallow added a bunch of support for SD Cards, so why not include them in the nexus’s aren’t they meant to showcase the features google has added to the OS!


    Completely agree they need to be providing larger internal storage options. All I’m saying is people shouldn’t be surprised when there’s no MicroSD slot on Nexus devices – not saying I don’t see the need.

    James Adina

    fair enough I was still surprised just because they put in alot of microSD enchantments in Android 6… so to not use them is a bit of a waste especially since they have shown other interests in SD cards (project Vault for example).


    I don’t think the options were sufficient for the front facing camera – essentially mirroring the back camera or don’t care/basic sensor – I’d like something more than just the basic but I don’t think having the same camera at the front as at the back is necessary.


    We’ll beef up the options next time 🙂
    what would you have wanted to see as options ?


    I’ve come to consider 5 mp as my standard requirement for a front facing camera, anything more than that is really selling itself as a selfie phone and anything less is pretty much for those that aren’t bothered. Having said this I’ve only ever taken a handful of selfies – a couple of pics with my daughter to send to family, one when I though I had something in my eye and thought zooming in on a close up photo might have helped me to tell one way or another and the others when I was trying out a couple… Read more »


    My only major opinion is that 5.7″ is getting kind of silly.

    Everything else is negotiable.

    Peter Massey

    You missed a really important question….

    “How much would you pay for it?”


    Next in out 3 part series…..

    Alex Gerontzos

    Needs to be around $600-$700 mark. I would assume a lot of us myself included would want something in the realm of..

    A 5-5.7 inch
    B 32gb base (I went 64gb)
    C removable SD and battery (I Chose sealed)
    D Big battery with turbo charging and USB type C 3.0.
    E Camera gotta be around 14-20mp on the back front who cares
    F Stereo front facing
    G 1080p display.

    Peter Massey

    See, this is where we differ. I’d rather a smaller screen (~4.7″), better battery, decent PQ in the camera (MP as a measure is rubbish), fast charging+QI and as for the rest — meh. I’ve only ever replaced a battery once on a phone (SGS2), even though I could on later phones. 32GB on a phone is enough for me, I have a tablet w/ 128GB SD card for movies etc, but options for 64GB/128GB are good. Type-C – not mainstream enough to be a “must-have”, but it’s a “nice-to-have”. Never use speakers on my phone except hands-free and even… Read more »

    Piers Porter

    I bought my Nexus 5 (32GB) about 3 months after launch for AUD $460, inc shipping. At the time it had a top-of-the-line CPU, 2GB of RAM and a 1080 screen at 445ppi. The new Nexus 5X seems to have last year’s CPU, still 2GB RAM, still a 1080 screen at a lower 424ppi display. And it costs AUD $659 this time, presumably for the 16GB version. It’s hard to argue that the Nexus 5X is as good value as the Nexus 5 was. For me, all the old Nexus 5 lacked was a decent battery and camera. I feel… Read more »


    I agree and think it’s not worth upgrading from a Nexus 5 to a 5X.

    Tricia Bukowski

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    I agree, pricing SHOULD have been one of the options in this survey. And I would have answered “under $500″…