ifixit huawei p9

While the Huawei P9 isn’t out in our market just yet, it has been released elsewhere, and the folk at iFixit have had their hands on the phone and taken it apart to see how it looks in terms of accessibility and repairability. Turns out, Huawei make a pretty decent phone under the P9’s shiny veneer, with the phone rated quite easy to repair thanks to its modular components, spring contacts, thoughtful cabling and minimal use of adhesive. This means that should things go wrong with a P9, repairs will be quite a bit easier (and cheaper too).

There are a couple of downsides, but these are relatively common; the display unit is a fused unit, and replacing it will require almost complete disassembly of the phone itself. Further, the screws used are a relatively uncommon Pentalobe design (i.e. not your average Phillips head screws), meaning that unless you’ve got the right tools, you won’t be pulling apart the P9 at home.

That said, given Huawei’s commitments about after sales service and support, your need to pull apart a Huawei P9 should be fairly well non existent. We hope.

Source: iFixit.