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We got a little bit more up close and personal with Android N this morning, with Google going in-depth into the features like improved Doze, VR aspects and more, even announcing that users will name the tasty treat for Android N. HTC has taken the opportunity to announce three of their phones will be updated to Android N or Namey McNameFace, whenever it’s released.

The three phones that HTC has guaranteed will get the update include the HTC One A9, HTC One M9 and the newly released HTC 10. Unfortunately it seems that previous flagships the HTC One M8 and the HTC One M7 are being left out in the cold. There’s also no mention of any Desire series handsets that will get the Android N update when it’s finally launched later this year. HTC does add the rider to the image :

“Timing and additional devices to be announced later this year, when Google ships Android N to manufacturers

The update did originate from the HTC USA Twitter account, which is why they talk about the HTC One A9, but given Telstra’s recently launched Signature Series phone appears to be a One A9, it could possibly get the update as well. We’ve asked HTC Australia and Telstra the question, but we’re not sure when or if we’ll receive an answer, but either way it will have to go through the same rigorous testing they put all their software updates through.

It’s good news for the HTC One M9, A9 and the 10, but we can’t wait to find out about other phones in the HTC range.

Source: @HTCUSA.
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Shakeel Ali

The M8 and other HTC handset will probably get support but later on. I think this announcement is just to line up with their 90 day guarantee for their current flagship range


Oh my, surely they’re not dropping support for the M8 this soon?


Oh! Man! No love for my M8s 🙁