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Today LG has announced another four phones in their X series of phones they started announcing back at Mobile World Congress, with the X cam and X screen.

Like the previous phones, the new X series phones, the X power, X mach, X style and X max each feature a great function related to their name – that’s apparently a feature, creating phones that concentrate on one feature.

There’s no full specs, pricing or even a release date for each device, with LG advising that price and availability will be announced in each market closer to launch. LG is however teasing features for each device, though only partial specs relating to the name. So, what have we got?

  • X style is apparently design conscious with an ‘elegant design boasting gracefully curving lines and extra-slim body’.
  • X max has a large display.
  • X power has a large 4,100mAh battery with support for Fast Charging using PE+, presumably Pump Express Plus a feature introduced by Mediatek, so that phone will come with a Mediatek processor.
  • X mach is focused on fast speeds, with support for Cat 9 LTE. They also list a 1.8GHz processor, as well as a QHD display, and a 1.55μm sensor for the camera.

The X mach is the one standout here with LG adding a number of features you’d expect in other devices like the QHD display you’d expect to see on the X max or the previously announced X screen. The 1.55μm sensor for the camera for great low-light photos you’d expect to see on the X cam. But, without a full spec list, perhaps we’ll also see those specs on those devices.

All up, it sounds like LG should just make an LG X phone and be done with it. We’ll be finding out if LG will launch any of the X series phones in Australia later in the year. In the meantime if you like the sounds of the LG X power, check out the teaser video on YouTube:

Source: LG.
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    The Mach is just a basic upgrade to the g4. Nothing too special about it

    David Anderton

    Would be interested in the power of it had OK specs but looking at the vid it doesn’t even have a fingerprint sensor which should be standard now.