The XDA Developers forum is the place to go for information pertaining to ROMs, and pretty much anything else related to modding your Android devices. This is where information will drop when new phones are on the way and root access is achieved on a new device, if you don’t really like the stock ROM you can get recommendations or if you have a particular affinity towards any of the custom ROMs you’ll get it here too. They have finally dropped their own app onto the Play Store today.

As you would expect coming from a developers community its slick, really slick! Adhering to the current framework and as an interface into their forums there are some really nice features to ensure that you’ll always find what you’re looking for while you’re on the run. The full list of features include:
– Fast
– Fully material design
– Read, write, and reply to threads
– Full support for quotes/mention
– Light/dark themes
– Notification support
– Great search tools

So if you’re a regular on their forums and don’t yet have a mobile interface in, it is definitely worth grabbing the app now.

Editors Note:This is a new version of an app, they’ve put ‘Initial release! Woot!’ in the What’s New section, but a quick check of the developer ID shows you’re not dreaming if you think you’ve installed this app before. Still, it’s a new version of the app so enjoy that.

Developer: XDA
Price: Free

If you frequent the XDA forums, is this an app you’ll be adding to your devices?

Source: Google Play.