nextbit battery
Nextbit, the makers of the Robin Android smartphone have announced today that after solving on device storage they are targeting something a little more challenging. Battery life. Jason had some one on one time with the Robin and really quite liked it.

The next chapter for Robin’s assault on the smartphone world will be to start to address the abysmal (my words not theirs) battery life most of us get out of our devices. How are they going to do this? Not with the Robyn 2 with a larger battery, no. Nextbit is promising to address poor battery performance through the same software-focused solution they applied to on device storage.

Through getting to know users usage patterns they are promising to take the battery savings of Google’s Doze in Android M, which were again improved in Android N to the next level. All of this will be coming in the next version of ‘Nextbit OS’ in Q4 this year.

As many people say hardware is hard, and battery life is one of the hardest things in that package. It will be interesting to see if/how Nextbit wrings even more out of the same battery. We’re sceptical at to whether Nextbit can achieve across the board battery savings for all users but ever hopeful that they will succeed. Nextbit will be sharing how they will achieve this “later this year”, until then I’m off to find a charger.

Would a longer lasting battery in the Robyn make you consider getting one? let us know below.

Source: Nextbit.