In the last week we have seen sales of the Samsung Note7 be suspended worldwide due to numerous reported cases of the devices exploding and catching fire while charging. In some countries the Note7 has been recalled but here in Australia we are yet to see anything lodged with the Australian product safety recalls website. At this stage, Samsung are offering a refund or replacement for the Note7.

This may change now that today Australia had it’s first Note7 explode. Whirlpooler Crushader reported today that his Note7 was charging overnight, on the bed, beside where they were sleeping in a hotel room. It not just exploded but it charred the bed sheet and the carpet when thrown on the floor (burnt a finger in the process too). It appears from what we read that the official charger was being used, but this should serve as a warning out there to be very careful when charging you Note 7. Either don’t do it or do it while you are awake.

To Samsung’s credit, they immediately opened a case and arranged for him to pick up a loan device from their Perth Samsung store (he was over there from Melbourne on business). Samsung have also confirmed that they will cover the cost of damages to his hotel room.

We have reached out to Samsung for a comment and will update this post once we hear from them. After this, I doubt it will be long before we see it arrive on the product recall website. We recommend against people using and charging their Note7 until they can be fixed or replaced.

Do you have a Note 7? What are you planning on doing — returning it for a refund or exchanging it?

Source: Crushader @ Whirlpool.
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Long time reader, first time commenter here.
Could someone build an app for the Note7 that would start beeping when the phone gets too hot and maybe beeps faster and faster as the phone gets hotter? This way we could get a heads up before it explodes.


Frankly, charging anything on top of your bed in my opinion is a bad idea.


Ouch..I wasn’t too worried initially, but now I think I’ll stop charging my phone while I sleep. Great phone otherwise so will be looking to get a replacement.


Question to samsung, is it safe to wireless charger?


I’d guess it doesn’t make much difference


I would think that wireless charging would increase the risk, since that process itself generates more heat compared to charging via cable.


You would think?! I’ve been wireless charing my note and it’s probably the only reason it hasn’t blown up. I’m using a SLOW wireless charger and even with the case on the phone never changed the temperature. The wired charger that comes with the note 7 is a FAST charger and generates plenty of heat. Any engineer will tell you it’s always best to SLOW charge a battery.


My Nexus 4 had built in wireless charging and it would heat up to 60 degrees when charged wirelessly. Perhaps second (or third) generation technology fixed that issue, but I don’t know since I don’t own any devices which offer wireless charging.

Major Sceptic

i had non samsung brand wireless charging on my note 2 and note 4 , and it does seem to generate a bit of heat in the process, not hot , but warm to touch for sure , i dont know what the deal is , but i reckon just the mere act of putting electrons from any charging device into the battery might be the catalyst to setting the faulty battery’s off . maybe it is not a thermal reaction ,but a chemical one tick tock tick tock ???? The thought had occurred to me if i owned a… Read more ยป

Brandon D'Souza

yep, decided to turn mine off until they have replacement stock

Newcastle Guardian

Given the fact that I alerted Ausdroid to this story some 6 hours ago, you sure took your time about getting the word out. Hope Samsung are speedier with the replacement Note 7’s

Daniel Tyson

Out of interest where did you send this? In futures email me Daniel at Ausdroid dot net I’m surprisingly easy to get a hold of 24/7

Newcastle Guardian

Hi Daniel, I went to the about tab at the top of the page and fill in the send a tip advice form etc. Which included full details about the Perth eventI also added a post to one of the earlier thread, in fact the previous thread to this current one about the note 7 as a comment, and it’s still sitting in Pending!!! That’s currently showing having sat pending for over 7 hours.

Daniel Tyson

Unfortunately every time we turn on links in comments the spam gets incredibly bad. Best is email straight to me, we’re looking at the Tips mailbox and finding out what happened there.

Newcastle Guardian

I just sent an email to you

Newcastle Guardian

I have now sent you an email with details about this

Major Sceptic

No doubt samsung will pull out all the stops to get the ball rolling , but i suspect sammy is going to be up against it due to the fact they where probably running at capacity to just keep up with sales as the new note looked to be selling like hot cakes (scuse the pun ) .
Now the majority made may have to be re manufactured and restocked and sent out , depending on how many batches of devices where effected by the faulty batteries , only time will tell how that goes . .