Galaxy Note 7 - Coral Blue

Samsung Australia has announced a voluntary recall of its Galaxy Note 7 phones.

The news was expected following similar moves overseas after Samsung Consumer Electronics global’s announcement that it had discovered battery cell issues with the device. This afternoon’s news of an exploding Note 7 unit in Australia makes this response all the more important.

In an official statement circulated at the top of the hour, Samsung Australia advises users with Galaxy Note 7 units to immediately power off the devices and use an alternative until the company can provide a remedy.

Customers who purchased their phones from Samsung will be offered replacement units or full refunds. The company will also offer courtesy devices for use until they can replace the phones. This process starts on Wednesday 7 September, with replacement units expected within 3-4 weeks.

Samsung Australia has posted a statement on the recall on their website. You’ll also find a form on that page to fill out to get a Samsung representative to contact you. That form also allows you to select one of two remedies — refund or replacement.

It’s late at night in Australia, so it’s fair to call this a developing story. We’re sure to hear more of it come Tuesday morning, and likely for the rest of the week. Notably, the recall is yet to appear on the Australian government’s Product Safety Recalls site.

Once again, if you have a Galaxy Note 7 you are advised to power down the device now and return it to your place of purchase. You can also reach Samsung’s Customer Service line on 1300 362 603 to discuss your options.

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Do you think that once the recall is all done and dusted, that there will be a glut of cheap Samsung “loaner” devices on third party sites such as Dickogan?


It’s the right thing to do by consumers, but the 3 to 4 weeks replacement time is pretty long. I’ve been considering a note, I’m hoping this might force the price down? I’d buy on contract, but telstra pricing is crazy expensive for a note with a usable amount of data.

Dean Rosolen

Wilil be interesting to see how the telcos respond regarding already sold units (I’m aware they’ve already pulled the device from their respective storefronts).


“This process starts on Wednesday November 7”

I think you mean September? I.E. Tomorrow?


there not having a great run with there note series this last two years