Samsung Australia has added an official IMEI checker to their Galaxy Note 7 recall page. Considering the Samsung’s current stance is that all device may be affected we would expect that 100% of the devices will show up as”Your Model may be affected”. However, moving forward this will be an invaluable tool for those looking at purchasing a second-hand Note 7 or wanting to confirm their brand new device isn’t from the old stock, which it won’t be.


All you have to do is enter you Note 7 IMEI into the tool and it will immediately let you know if your device is affected. IF you don’t know how to find your IMEI it should either be on the packaging or you can find it by dialing *#06# in the dialer, it’s also typically in the settings.


Once again, if you’ve got a Note 7 back it up, power it down and get it back to your place of purchase for a loan unit ASAP.

Source: Samsung Australia.
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Jason Jones

Yes, but how will Qantas know if you are carrying a good one or a bad one ?