Google announced a lot of great stuff this morning, the availability of devices has mainly been focused on the US for some devices like Google Home and Google Wi-Fi, but the rest of the devices will be arriving soon. The pricing for the hardware has been announced for various markets and here’s a breakdown of the price you’ll pay around the world.

Google’s Daydream View VR headset is an attractive option, available in ‘Slate’ to start off with Google will be adding Snow and Crimson colour options later this year. The different colours won’t cost extra, so what will you pay?

Country Price
UK £69 GBP
Canada $99 CAD
Europe €69
Australia $119 AUD

*Canadian pricing has been updated thanks to reader Sachin

Next on the list is the Chromecast Ultra, Google’s new 4K capable Chromecast. The Chromecast Ultra will support Ethernet as well as Wi-Fi network connections, and you’ll probably need wired network to get that full rich 4K video streaming. The Chromecast Ultra will support Dolby Vision and HDR which will come in handy with Google Play Movies bringing support for 4K videos later this year. So. How much does it cost around the world?

Country Price
UK £69 GBP
Canada $90 CAD
Europe €39
Australia $99 AUD

Lastly the Pixel and Pixel XL – there’s a fair bit of price difference in various regions. Australia does seem to be getting some fairly short shrift with pricing, taking into account GST, import costs, warranties and margin (Yes, companies are entitled to add some profit margin), the prices are still a little high. So, what will you pay?


₹₹₹₹ ₹66,000
Country 32GB 128GB
USA $649 USD $749 USD
UK £599 £699
Canada $899 CAD $1,029 CAD
Europe 759€ 869€
India ₹₹₹₹ ₹57,000
Australia $1,079 $1,229

Pixel XL

₹₹₹₹ ₹76,000
Country 32GB 128GB
USA $769 USD $869 USD
UK £719 £819
Canada $1,049 CAD $1,179 CAD
Europe 899€ 1,009€
India ₹₹₹₹ ₹67,000
Australia $1,269 $1,419

Google announced their Google Wi-Fi and Google Home home assistant this morning but unfortunately those devices are US-only at the moment. At this stage all we can do is list the pricing for them in USD

Google Wi-Fi:

  • $129 USD for 1
  • $229 USD for 3 pack

Google Home:

  • $129USD

That’s it for pricing around the world, we’re still nailing down release dates for all the hardware and we’ll let you know as soon as we have more.

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    Shane Wilson

    Daniel can you double check the price for a 3 pack of Google WiFi? Pretty sure I read somewhere this morning that it was retailing for USD$299, not the USD$229 you have quoted.


    As someone mentioned below, it takes courage to charges these prices! 🙂


    US prices never include the tax. It is added on at sale (which can be a shock).

    In the EU and UK, like Australia, tax is included in the price. Australia actually has lower GST than most places, which is 20% in the UK and around 20% – 25% in Europe. GST (or VAT) is not an Australia only thing (which a lot seem to think is the case on various forums).

    The US cost does work out slightly cheaper anyway, but Google is a US company and it is the biggest market.


    U guys need to remember to add state tax for the US prices, it varies for different states. I think some states don’t have taxes though…


    Wow! The Pixel converts to AUD981 so it’ stated retail price includes an AusTax of $248 whilst the Pixel XL converts to AUD1139 so that is carrying an AusTax of $280. Pure greed.

    Adam J

    1,009€ is currently AUD$1482… so it seems we’re marginally less expensive than them at $1419.


    But USD869 is AUD1139. So we are paying an AusTax of AUD280.


    How long will the Pixel line have guaranteed software updates? Since it is priced like an iPhone, it should have a long support timeframe as well. The iPhone 5 from 2012 still got the latest iOS 10, so that is 4 years of software upgrades. Are we expecting that for the Pixel as well?


    somebody showed a screenshot that it’s 2 years OS updates + 3 yrs security updates


    These are going to sell so bad in Australia.

    Would’ve preferred if they made the 5 inch pixel have 3GB of RAM if it meant it was cheaper.

    Luke Cole

    Sick of getting ripped off in Australia. Not copping the Australia tax anymore. It’s a shame but my Nexus 6p is the end of the Google line for me


    Instead of a Pixel i would rather buy a nexus 5 which is still smart and compact with both having same screen size.


    > the prices are still a little high The prices aren’t ‘a little high’, they are way, way, over the top. $140 on top of the exchange+GST price, and then we have to accept that the US prices are way over the top for a mid-range ‘meh’ phone too. In reality the pixel 32GB phone should be somewhere around $575 (inc GST), not $1079. And here’s a prediction for you, they won’t really sell until/unless they make that scale of price cut. Nobody is saying “I must go out and get one tomorrow”. I mean seriously – if this had… Read more »


    Agreed. The price has literally put me off his phone. Despite all its short comings, i was still willing to give this phone a chance. But there is nothing about this phone that i like enough to justify spending that much on this phone. Absolutely nothing.

    Das boot

    Agreed ! Its ridiculous especially since xiaomi, one plus etc are selling quality phones for much much less. The only way that I know most people will buy this is through a carrier here in Japan (if they come out). I was thinking of picking up one in OZ when I went back next but you can forget it – even a moto z is cheaper.


    So the Australia tax (which I hate to use but is applicable in this case) is less than $100 on the XL 32. Not too bad but way too expensive for a phone that is missing a lot of features.
    Nope no never stuff that.

    Phillip Molly Malone

    What features are missing?


    Water proofing, OIS, SD card, removable battery, large battery, stereo speakers, included VR headset (which US customers are getting) – those seem to be the features people expected to see.
    And at an identical priced as an iPhone, I’d have to agree on some of those.

    Phillip Molly Malone

    The iPhone has few if any of those features!


    Indeed. But Apple have done well in crafting their brand image so that they can justify charging top dollar. For Google to come in with a so-so spec list and decide to charge to-the-dollar the same as an iPhone shows, well, “courage” Apple would call it.
    Lower-priced Android handsets come with specs such as water proofing. Google are demanding premium price without showing any premium technology (hardware or software). It’ll be interesting to see how that works for them.
    If they believe their big USP is Assistant, they haven’t leant on that yet much.


    Remember you will likely have to pay 10% GST when you bring the Pixel in the country.


    Yes I know. At .72 cents and then add 10%gst it was less than $100


    No you have to add the GST to the australian price from the google store. Unless its changed from last year since its over $1k you will likely get charged GST on bringing it in as google does not charge GST (although their price seems to include it)