Google’s Live Cases offer something a little bit different to encase your phone, something beyond the basic colours (often black) of most phone cases. Live Cases allow customers to make their own truly unique phone case using Google’s Store. Currently, you can make live cases from a few different backgrounds:

Live cases also have an extra feature; a customisable button that you can set to launch your favourite app. However, there could be more live cases coming, if a listing on Verizon’s website in the US is to be believed.

Shown above, the two new cases care called Earth and Trends, available for both Pixel and Pixel XL. Earth cases shows satellite photos of various parts of the planet, mainly desert and ocean scenes. You’ve probably seen many of these before, as the wallpapers were included on 2015’s Nexus phones. Trend cases are little more than a simple gradient, but they are a nice design nonetheless.

We don’t know when – or if – these cases will become available, especially in Australia, but we’ll keep an eye out on the Google Store and let you know if we spot them here.