Have you been looking for a Google Pixel and Daydream View combo? If so, Telstra might just have a deal for you. Until Christmas Day (well we’re assuming Christmas eve but we guess you could order online on Christmas day once you find out your partner/ family/ parents doesn’t love you “that” much) you can pick up a Daydream View headset, valued at $119 AUD, for free with any Google Pixel device.


To qualify, you just have to get the pixel on a Go Mobile Plus, Go Mobile Plus BYO, Go Mobile Plus Casual plan using either a 12/ 24-month contract or a Go Mobile Swap Plan. We’re not 100% certain but it doesn’t look as if this deal is open to those of us who already dropped the $1419 to grab a Pixel XL from Telstra, but hey why not disadvantage your earlier adopters.

The normal “while stocks last” also applies, so if you’ve been on the fence about getting a Pixel and a Daydream this may actually be the cheapest price you’ll get it for for a while.

Let us know if you grab yourself a combo.

Source: Telstra.
Thanks: Jamie S.
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so got a $10 credit per month for 22 months I’ll go buy it out right, tip be nice and understand they are constrained by promos at the time, she called me back to offer it. yay #notthesamebutgoodenough


you need to tweet and email the ceo’s of telstra and google aus & nz


I’m going to call them today and complain. I’ll let you know how I go.


So how did you go, James?


Nothing yet. I may have gotten a little upset with them on the phone but they are having someone call me within 24-48 who will be able to assist. I’ll keep you updated when I hear back.


Keep us informed!


Spoken to them 3 times today as they did not call me back like promised. They go off to read notes on my account and come back 20-30mins later and then say they will have someone call me back. Eventually got to the Adelaide call centre and spoke to a guy who said he would look into it and put me on hold and disconnected the call. No call back 2 hours later. Gonna call them again shortly. Just had some work to do.


So far not an awesome customer care experience


Got on to someone else in the Australian call centre late yesterday who is “looking in to it.” I’ve been told I’ll have an answer today. Given their track record with call backs I’m not holding my breath.


I feel your pain mate


Okay next day 9pm and the guy who told me he would call back 100% didn’t call. Got on to someone else tonight who was nice enough to send him an email which will make him fear for his job. Can’t believe what a joke they are. I think I deserve the headset just for putting up with their “customer service.” I’ll update again tomorrow.


This is getting comical


Just spent 30 minutes on the phone – no luck. What about you?


I was early adopter, and they gave a $119 credit to my bill. Although they called me back when I was dissatisfied with online chat gave a zero on the end chat survey.


What is Telstra doing about early adopters of the pixel… no love for them?


It looks that way, perhaps call and ask? I bought mine outright from Telstra, so I don’t even qualify, why would I? I just gave the mall the money upfront!

Justyn Smith

Nothing. I got mine through work (Telstra) on launch. Unfortunately the promo for the VR is only from 22/11 – 25/12 I think it was.