For all intents and purposes the LG G5 was a failure. It was innovative but the implementation of the modular innovation was poor. Sales of it weren’t great either according to LG’s financial statements. It had a decent camera and display but in the end just did not sell well. In 2017 LG are hoping to make this year’s flagship a success through the use of a new display and beating the opposition to the market.

Usually these kinds of reports come from fairly unsubstantiated rumours but this time it has come straight from LG Display. LG Display have spoken to the Korea Herald stating that LGs upcoming flagship phone will have a 5.7in QHD LCD display (564ppi) which is not anything particularly exciting. What is different is that the display will have an 18:9 ratio, the first of its kind in the world.

LG Display state that the new display, dubbed “QHD+”, “will provide users with greater immersion than previous displays and allow consumers to multitask by using the dual-screen feature.” Using LGs in-TOUCH technology, the display will not require the usual touch cover glass as the touch sensor is embedded within the LCD cell itself. This is turn means the display can also be thinner and requires smaller bezels (reduced by 0.2mm on the sides and 0.54mm on the bottom). The lack of the front glass also makes it more visible under sunlight and uses less power than other displays according to LG Display.

The Korea Herald go on to state that the G6 is scheduled to be announced next month, possibly at MWC with it being available in the following two weeks. By launching the G6 earlier in the year than they did the G5 LG hope to beat Samsung to the market (who will undoubtedly be careful with the S8 release after the Note 7 fiasco) and hopefully pick up a lot of consumers that way.

If LG do decide to launch their 2017 flagship at MWC we will have two sets of boot on the ground and knowing Chris’ penchant for LG phones he will be all over it. It is shaping up to be a big year for flagships so hopefully we will see some top notch phones arriving on our shores soon.

Source: Korea Herald.
Via: Android Central.
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Andrew White

As much as I would like amazing V20, it’s a little on the large side without a case. Really wanting the attributes of both the G4 (body/curved screen, 5.5″ size) and the V20’S exceptional camera and audio. Bring back the logically placed back buttons also. The G6 has to look pretty, so a ‘chromed metal’ removable back cover would be sweet. Really like the clip design on the V20. The article is about the 18:9 display though. Just another way of saying it will still be that useful dual screen with hopefully, even more options available. A bit odd that… Read more »

David Anderton

The only thing I don’t like about my G5 is the battery performance. Besides that it is pretty much the perfect phone. I have it in a rugged case so water isn’t an issue


And the phone they could have used for a comeback, the V20 is also plagued with issues of its own (cracking camera glass), and to top it off, it’s only available at JB, with no marketing whatsoever, and no carrier availability at all….

It’s almost like LG want to stick it to those who want to buy them…

And I don’t even need to mention the G4 and V10 bootloops, and the G5’s flimsy build quality…


Dual SIM, carriers don’t want it and I’m happy about it. Don’t want to get into the same position as Motorola and have your device’s only to Voda. Pls keep it this way lg!


Or Sony with the XZ exlusive to Telstra and XA/Xperf/X to Voda, or Google with the Pixel exclusive to Telstra…

LGs have historically been carried by Optus (G3, G4, G5) but I’m surprised LG didn’t even try to sell the V20 through other channels…

At least they should have allowed OW, HN, Mobileciti etc to sell it…that way at least the prices would be open to some competition…


Will be an excellent buy a couple Of months after launch when it does the usual LG price dive

Let’s hope the now familiar LG bootloop like the G3, G4, and reports of G5 experiencing it too is finally removed for the G6

David Martrano

I don’t think I will even think about an LG purchase. They refuse to address the bootloop issues. They keep blaming cable wires. Sounds like a crock of do-do to me. And I am very sure it will not come cheap. Let someone else invest in the G6!!

Yianni soc

Both agreed. I’ll be staying away from LG. Customer service for known issues is horrid.


Is that 0.2mm and 0.54mm, or is it cm? Because if it’s mm that basically means no bezel needed due to the electronics, making it possible to come up with something essentially not there in the physical size too. We are talking ~14 x 6.5cm – not far off Nexus 5 size. Now I don’t think they can get rid of all the bezels, but it would be more important than some strange aspect ratio (which is reminiscent of the Xiaomi Mi Mix’s 17:9 – again with the bezel-less). Assuming the 835 and a sensible battery,etc., could be the winner… Read more »

Yianni soc

I think it’s ‘reduced’ by those measurements. Those measurements aren’t the actual bezel size.