We’re hoping for great things for Android Wear in 2017, Android Wear 2.0 is scheduled for its final release, Android Pay has been confirmed as coming to the platform and we’ve even got some Google Nexus style devices heading our way. On top of this we’re also hoping for a solid range of choice in the Android Wear hardware provided by OEMs and traditional watch makers, and now we can add ZTE to that list.

The CEO of ZTE USA, Mr Lixin Cheng has confirmed in an interview with CNET that the Chinese OEM will be releasing their own LTE Smartwatch in 2017 built on top of Google’s Android Wear platform. In the interview, the CEO seemed to emphasise that the ZTE device would provide longer battery life, LTE connectivity, and in the USA at least proper carrier plans.

Will the device be released internationally? We will have to wait and see. ZTE has definitely stepped up their device range in Australia with their latest Flagship the Axon 7, going on sale at JB Hi-Fi any day now. That’s no concrete evidence that it will come here but it’s a good indication that it may, I haven’t abandoned hope.

With ZTE’s mix of great build quality and affordable price alongside Google’s controlled Android Wear OS, I could forsee a ZTE Android Wear device being extremely competitive in a market that is mainly competing on style, build quality and price. Just please please ZTE include a NFC chip for Android Pay, it will be a defining line in the sand between many devices, be on the right side of that line.

Source: CNET.