For a long time now, a few of us here at Ausdroid have wanted to see an affordable Android device that comes with guaranteed security updates, and preferably OS updates as well. Of course, the best iteration of this we could hope for would be for Google to release Android One devices outside of their current markets. According to a report from The Information, that’s exactly what may be happening.

The report suggests that Google may be expanding the Android One program to the USA with LG as one of the OEMs participating. At an expected price of between $200 – $300 USD and potentially available before the middle of the year, this would be a very competitive device for the mid to lower end of the market. While slightly more expense than its overseas counterparts, these Android One devices still represent great value, and for the first time, strong on-going security would be available at a reasonable price.

There’s no guarantee of course that this will happen, or if the program is launched in the USA that it will come to Australia, but you better believe that we will be lobbying for it with all of our energy. Every consumer deserves a device that is kept secure for a decent length of time, especially those more at risk. Let’s hope this program is a reality, and excellent devices like the General Mobile GM5 may even come here?

Even if Android One doesn’t make it down under, the program expanding into the US should result in other OEMs stepping up their game in relation to security and perhaps even OS updates. Which hopefully will flow down to devices sold in Australia, more competition is always a good thing, right?

Do you see the benefit on Android One coming to Australia? Let us know below.

Source: The Information.
Via: Androdi Police.